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​Overseas warehousing introduction
The German overseas warehouse letter has self for many years, can provide overseas warehousing and distribution services to mature and safe and efficient for China sellers. It also integrates warehousing management, order management, inventory management and logistics delivery management. It helps Chinese sellers achieve overseas shipments, thereby shortening the order cycle and improving user experience. And with the help of the strong logistics network in Germany, we can ensure that the goods are delivered to the recipient in a safe, accurate, timely and low cost delivery.



Warehouse location

The German warehouse is located in the West Weizhou state of Germany, 45 kilometers away from the city of Cologne, near Holland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and other countries, with convenient transportation and well-developed economy.


Warehouse area

The existing area: 3000 square meters,

Extensible area: 5000-10000 square meters (storehouse, can be expanded at any time)



Huahan overseas warehouse features

Custom-made German warehousing

Huahan team is committed to good service to every customer service warehousing, subdivision for different customer requirements, to help customers to deal with various problems encountered in logistics.

According to the letter warehouse storage and processing capacity, strict control of the number of customers and the average daily shipments, to ensure that every customer orders can be in the library, will not result in a low impact sales because of transportation problems.


Standardized warehouse management

All stored in the warehouse goods letter Germany was in accordance with the size and type of products to choose the right location, by using the principle of random shelves, storage in the warehouse location to maximize the use of. After the storage system records the location of the product, the efficiency and accuracy of picking up are greatly improved by optimizing the route of picking up goods. Two scanning checks will be carried out before the product is out of the library to ensure the accuracy of the product SKU and order in the order.

Complete service flow

Letter - Germany not only provides general warehouse warehouse storage, storage and warehousing services, due to the particularity of overseas warehousing, warehousing letter - Germany to help customers choose reasonable mode of transport in the head carriage, the correct customs, improve customs clearance time etc..

At the same time, according to German buyers habits, especially to improve the warehouse return processing, delivery is not successful goods shelves, 48 hours notice customer return to warehouse, and re shelves or return home treatment according to the customers' opinions, help customers to reduce the loss of cargo warehousing return, avoid return not caused the difference in assessment.


Huahan overseas warehouse features

Advantages of overseas warehousing service

➤Unconsolidated customs clearance, no two customs clearance for other EU countries

➤Prompt delivery, support for DHL and German postal delivery

➤The whole process can support the tracking and query of goods

➤Support for return treatment

➤Goods are shipped in strict accordance with the principle of advanced first out

➤Warehouse 24 hours monitoring, safe and secure

➤Advanced bar code control technology, from delivery, shelf to shipment tracking

➤Can support API seamless docking, easy to manage multiple accounts

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